Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Institute Begins Transforming Medicine

Last week Transformation Medicine (TMed) launched its foundation with the goal to personalize healthcare...

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Wednesday, 08 July 2015

ASCO Value Framework Belittles Cancer Patients Seeking Weeks or Months More of Life

The new value framework published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology says patients “overestimate the benefits of treatments that sometimes extend life by only weeks or months or not at all.” But what do patients themselves have to say?

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Wednesday, 01 July 2015

The Doctor Will Block You Now

My Life is Worth It co-founder Bob Tufts discusses the growing unwillingness of medical professionals to give patients a seat at the table when it comes to discussions of cost and value of new treatments: “Actively shutting off communication and limiting debate does not in any way serve the interest of improved patient care... but it has become painfully obvious that administrators and public health officials (who may not be bound by certain medical or ethical constraints such as the Hippocratic Oath) do not want to hear any dissenting opinions.”

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